May 2006 Newsletter

May, 2006                                                                                  Volume 2       Issue 3   


Annual Pot-Luck Picnic

The next meeting of the Whitewater Historical Society will take place on Wednesday,  May 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Starin Park Community Building

Please note the location.


This is our annual pot-luck picnic and annual meeting.  Please bring a dish to pass, your own place-setting, and drink other than coffee, which will be provided. 


Meeting Schedule:

6:30 p.m.:  Pot-Luck

7:30 p.m.:  Business meeting



At our May 24 meeting, the society will have an election of officers.  Here are the current officers and their terms.  Starred names are offices due for re-election this month.


President:  Ellen Penwell, 2004-2006*

Vice-President:  Carol Cartwright, 2005-2007

Secretary:  Bobby Landsee, 2004-2006*

Treasurer:  Gregg Gauger, 2005-2007


Board of Directors:

Two Year Terms:

            Kathleen Lashley, 2005-2006^^

            Michele Smith, 2005-2007

Three Year Terms:

            John Newhouse, 2003-2006*

            Mariann Scott, 2004-2007

            Richard Landsee, 2004-2006^^


^^Due to some record-keeping errors, some of the terms that current board members are serving must be adjusted so that we continue to alternate board member elections each year as well as maintain the two and three year terms established by the by-laws. 


To achieve this goal, Kathleen Lashley’s two-year term will be up for election after only one year to make her term alternate with Michele Smith’s.  John Newhouse and Mariann Scott (who is serving out Thelma Robbins’ 3 year term) are appropriately alternating, but Richard Landsee’s term length needs to be either expanded to four years (2008) to properly alternate with the others, or the position needs to be filled by someone serving two years of a three-year term that should have been 2005-2008. 


This alteration is necessary to get the terms back on a proper rotating election schedule. The following chart may be helpful.

2006 election: 

            President (Ellen)

            Secretary (Bobby)

            1 two-year director (Kathleen)

            1 three year director (John)

2007 election:

            Vice-President (Carol)

            Treasurer (Gregg)

            1 two-year director (Michele)

            1 three-year director (Mariann)

2008 election:

            President (Ellen’s position)

            Secretary (Bobby’s position)

            1 two-year director (Kathleen)

            1 three-year director (Richard)

2009 election:

            Vice-President (Carol’s Position)

            Treasurer (Gregg’s Position)

           1 two-year director (Michele’s pos.)

            1 three-year director (John’s position)


Museum Notes

  • On Wednesday, May 10, the Fort Community Credit Union officially presented Ellen Penwell, President, with the grant check for $17,500. 
  • The City of Whitewater, with the Whitewater Historical Society’s approval, submitted the application for a Transportation Enhancement Grant to renovate the depot.  We will get official notice if we receive the grant in September.
  • Student Intern Melissa Schultz completed the Betty Boyd collection of manuscript materials, including hundreds of newspaper articles.  She also completed the collection of Halverson family materials.  Melissa will discuss her work on the 24th.
  • A  proposal for summer student interns at the museum, along with a budget request, will be presented to members on the 24th
  • Ellen received a memorandum of understanding from the City of Whitewater in regard to the new HVAC system and its costs.  She will update us at the pot-luck.


Stone Stable Meeting

An effort to rebuild the old stone stable that sat behind the FirstEnglishLutheranChurch is underway.  In 2003, the historic stone building was dismantled, but not rebuilt.  A meeting to discuss rebuilding the stable will be held on June 1, 2006 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room at City Hall.  All interested parties should come to this meeting with ideas on how to move this important project ahead.


Whitewater Book Signing

Fred Kraege will be holding a book signing and there will be a presentation about the book on June 3 at the Library.  Watch for publicity for details. 


Summer Museum Schedule

The museum will be open for summer hours as of Sunday, June 4.  The board of directors will bring to the membership a proposed change in Sunday hours from 1:30-4:30 to 1:00-4:00 to accommodate a potential summer intern who could fill in on some Sundays where there are no volunteers.

Here is a schedule of Sunday dates with spaces indicated where we need a volunteer docent. 

June 4:  Gregg Gauger, Carol Cartwright

June 11:  Arlene Newhouse, Doris Kolmos

June 18:__________________________

June 25:  Kristine Zaballos

July 2:  Gregg Gauger, Carol Cartwright

July 4:  Gregg Gauger, Carol Cartwright

July 9:  Al Kolmos, John Newhouse

July 16:  ________________________

July 23:  ________________________

July 30:  ________________________

August 6:  _______________________

August 13: _______________________

August 20: _______________________

August 27: Gregg Gauger, Carol Cartwright


Thursdays and September Sundays

The board is recommending that  the Depot be open on Thursday evenings from mid-June to mid-August for the concerts in the park and downtown farmer’s market.  Last year, we had good attendance on these evenings.  If the membership approves, we need volunteers for these Thursday evenings from around 5:30-7:30.


Also, park and recreation is planning a Sunday concert series in September.  We may wish to be open for these Sundays.


Carol will also have the museum open at least one day during the week if the society approves the summer intern plans.  



W7646 Hackett Rd.

Whitewater, WI  53190


Officers of the Whitewater Historical Society

President:    Ellen Penwell, 473-8294

VP:              Carol Cartwright, 473-6820 & Museum curator

Secretary:   Bobby Landsee, 472-9739

Treasurer:   Gregg Gauger, 473-3918

Board of Directors:

            Richard Landsee, 472-9739

            Kathleen Lashley, 473-5804

            John Newhouse, 473-6710

            Michele Smith, 473-4547

            Mariann Scott, 473-4219