November 2012 Newsletter

November, 2012  ­­                                                                  Volume 10, No. 2

NEXT MEETING:  Wisconsin’s Historic Bars and Breweries


A presentation by Jim Draeger, co-author of “Bottom’s Up:  A Toast to Wisconsin’s Historic Bars and Breweries”


Wednesday, November  14,  2012

7:00 p.m. program

Place:  Cravath Lakefront Building

          Whitewater Street, Go Under the Arch and Left


Please see the flyer on the next page of the newsletter. 

If you have not been able to make some of our programs in the past—this is one not to miss!  There is a new documentary based on the book to be shown on public television, but we have the opportunity to hear from the author himself.  He will have books and will be able to do book signings too. 



The restoration of the depot continues and we should be back into the building soon.  An interesting artifact was discovered after the carpeting was removed from the front area.  Firmly affixed to the floor is a small poster advertising pig food with the cutest pig you can imagine.  It soon became a “mascot” for all involved with the renovation.  The society is going to keep it as an artifact relating to the use of the depot as a feed store between its use as a passenger depot and a museum.  It is part of the building’s history and we will be labeling it for identification to the public.



The date of the grand re-opening of the depot will be April 28 so mark your calendars.  It will also coincide with the Arts Walk that will showcase art of all types at venues in the downtown.  There will be a special arts-related exhibit in the depot that will enhance our opening. 



Whitewater’s saloons operating in the 19th century were all located along Whitewater Street.  It is not clear that there was an official zoning that kept the saloons in one location or maybe because the “industrial” part of the downtown was in this location and the saloons catered to their workers.  Perhaps Jim Draeger will be able to explain why this might have occurred when he speaks to the society next Wednesday.  Come to the program and find out.