March 2007 Newsletter

March, 2007                                                                                       Volume 4       Issue 2       




The next meeting of the Whitewater Historical Society will take place on Wednesday, March 21 at  6:45 p.m. at City Hall, 2nd Floor, Cravath Lakefront Room


Meeting Schedule:

6:45 p.m.:  Refreshments start

7:00 p.m.:  Program

8:00 p.m.:  Business meeting


Program for March Meeting

Plans for the Home-Coming

The plans for the Home-Coming 100th anniversary celebration during the Fourth of July celebration are coming together and there are some important plans for the Historical Society to hear and discuss.


Kristine Zaballos, co-chair of the festivities will be discussing one of the innovative plans for the festival.  A website, has been established.  This website will allow people from near and far to contribute their information and memories of Whitewater.  The result will be a volume of wonderful Whitewater history and personal stories to preserve for future generations.


Kristine will give us some information about how we can participate in this program.  Some of us are not familiar with computers and others don’t know how to make use of this type of internet site, so Kristine’s information will be important if you want to participate—and the home-coming committee hopes you will!!! 


Our President, Ellen Penwell, is the chair of the “Unity” committee, which will deal with the historic events of the celebration.  She will indicate what the society can do to help with the event. 


Business Meeting and Membership Voting Issues in March

Here are the voting issues for our March meeting.  The Board of Directors have discussed each of these items and have voted to recommend them to the members.


A.  Stone Stable Contribution

The board voted to donate $500 to the stone stable reconstruction fund.  This money would come from our special accounts for one-time projects. 


B.  Student Worker

The board voted to allocate $1,000 to maintain Melissa Schultz as a student worker between now and the end of 2007.  The museum curator reported that she would not be taking any additional student interns on this summer and that Melissa would work about 3-4 hours per week until December, when she graduates. 


C.  Museum Supplies

The board voted to allocate $500 for museum supplies. 



The cemetery tour on Memorial Day is making significant progress.  Presenters are on board and other parts of the tour are in the final planning stages.


Ellen Penwell has arranged to have a 1870s hearse at the cemetery thanks to the generous donation of owner Dan Bussey of Edgerton.  But, we needed a horse to pull it in the parade.  Another Dan came to our rescue.  Dan Peterson of the Dairyland Drivers Association has volunteered his black Percheron horse to pull the hearse.  We will have as many presenters as possible march by the hearse in the parade, some in costume, so the historical society will have a great “show” on May 28.



We new a few extra volunteers for the cemetery tour event. 

1.  Someone to sell Fred’s book, "Whitewater” at the cemetery.

2.  Someone to look after the donation box.

3.  A volunteer to walk behind the horse in the parade as to “clean up” as needed.  Do you know a couple of boy scouts, for example? 

4.  People to help clean gravestones right before the tour with Rick Fassl.



There was a good response to our January membership drive in the mail and at our meeting.  The following gave generous donations beyond dues.


Up to $20

John Arnold

Karen Coburn

Marilyn Kienbaum

Linda Loomer

Karen Weston


H. Gaylon & Hannah Greenhill

Donna Henry

Ben & Flo Rhodes

Dan & Jean Sable

$50 and over

Dawn & Lyle Hunter

Alan and Connie Marshall


Thank you very much!!


If you have not paid your 2007 dues (remember they are only $1.00 per person; the best bargain in town!) and/or made an additional donation to help us operate the museum and offer special events like the cemetery tour, please consider doing so this month. 


Membership Form

Name: ___________________________


Address:  ___________________________




Email: ___________________________


Dues: _____________ $1.00 per person


Donation: _____________




Send form to:  Carol Cartwright

                   W7646 Hackett Rd.

                   Whitewater, WI  53190






W7646 Hackett Rd.

Whitewater, WI  53190


Dates to Remember

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Next meeting

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Annual Pot Luck Picnic

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cemetery Tour


Officers of the Whitewater Historical Society

President:       Ellen Penwell (2006-2008)

VP:                   Carol Cartwright (2005-2007)

Secretary:       Bobby Landsee (2006-2008)

Treasurer:      Gregg Gauger (2005-2007)

Board:             Richard Landsee (2005-2008)

                          Kathleen Lashley (2006-2008)

                         John Newhouse (2006-2009)

                         Mariann Scott (2004-2007)