September 2006 Newsletter

 September, 2006                                                                   Volume 3       Issue 1       ___________________________________________________________________________


The next meeting of the Whitewater Historical Society will take place on Wednesday, September 27 at 6:45 p.m. in the Irvin Young Public Library

Please note the location.

Meeting Schedule:

6:45 p.m.:  Refreshments start

7:00 p.m.:  Program

Business meeting follows program


Program for September Meeting

Our program will detail plans for our May, 2007 Oak Grove Cemetery Tour.  The tour will celebrate and memorialize many of Whitewater’s earliest residents who are buried in this historic cemetery.  It is scheduled to take place on Memorial Day weekend and it is hoped that the tour will serve as a kick-off to next year’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of Whitewater’s celebrated 1907 Homecoming. 


There will be a presentation about Oak Grove Cemetery, the first permanent burial ground in the community, and some of the people buried there. Part of the cemetery is on land donated by pioneer Dr. James Trippe, who is buried there along with notable pioneers Prosper Cravath Sr. and Asaph Pratt. 


The program committee needs ideas and assistance for this event.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, please contact Kathleen Lashley (473-5804) or Ellen Penwell (262-203-6529) to volunteer. 


Officers for 2006-2007

You may remember that our last newsletter described, in detail, the elections of new officers and some term length problems.  At the May 2006 meeting, society members voted in a slate of officers and corrected term lengths. The officers and terms are:


President:  Ellen Penwell (2006-2008)

VP:              Carol Cartwright (2005-2007)

Secretary:  Bobby Landsee (2006-2008)

Treasurer: Gregg Gauger (2005-2007)

Board of Directors:

            Richard Landsee (2005-2008)

            Kathleen Lashley (2006-2008)

            John Newhouse (2006-2009)

            Mariann Scott (2004-2007)

            Michele Smith (2005-2007)


What We Did at the Museum Last Summer—

  • We had 424 visitors to the museum, up from 274 last year.  We had a good crowd on July 4th due to the success of the car show and the good weather. Thursday evenings were also very successful.
  • We had some interesting donations.  Dan Sable brought in a 1911 army manual and children’s clothing.  John Arnold was checking out the site of the old Norwegian Lutheran Church and brought in some square nails and a piece of the old foundation.  A local couple brought in a globe from one of the light fixtures in the old City Hall and a copy of a WWI-era Company C banquet card when the Whitewater unit was in Texas for training.

More Museum Notes

  • Summer intern Andrew Schultz completed the computer photo index.  We have a current total of 3,734 images in our collection.  Of these, 426 are the glass plate negatives of the Andrew Scholl collection from around 1900.  Although Fran Achen and others printed many of these negatives, there are hundreds of additional images that have never been printed.  Some of these are very unusual, including photos of residents at the county poor farm and many rural sites and people.  Alan Luckett has volunteered to get these images scanned, so we can see the true scope of this unique collection.
  • Our second intern, Melissa Schultz, worked on integrating the vast materials received from our late member, Betty Boyd, into our subject files and or collections. She is also updating the storage of these files and our paper artifacts. 


Transportation Enhancement Grant for Renovation of the Depot

Unfortunately, the city of Whitewater and historical society did not receive a grant for depot renovation.  This was a very competitive grant cycle, with five times the requests for the money available. 

The board of directors and the city of Whitewater will now need to decide whether or when to fund some of the necessary improvements needed in the building.  The most crucial is the roof, now over 30 years old.  Look for an update about this important issue  in the next newsletter.


Update on the old Stone Stable

The effort to rebuild the old stone stable that sat behind the First English Lutheran Church made headway this summer.  Committees have been established to move the project forward.  A potential site for the building is near the museum.  If you are interested in joining the effort in rebuilding this historic structure, please contact Ginny Coburn. 


Whitewater Book

The museum has this photo history compiled by Fred Kraege available for sale. The cost is $19.99 and there is no tax, saving you $1.10 over other sales outlets.  If you have not yet purchased this important Whitewater history book, with almost 50% of its images from the collections of the Whitewater Historical Society, come to the museum on Thursday afternoons to get a copy, or contact Carol Cartwright (473-6820 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to obtain a copy.


Fall and Winter Museum Hours

The depot’s new heating system will kick in soon, making it possible to have a fall and winter schedule at the museum.  The board of directors and museum curator think it is important to keep the museum open on a regular schedule throughout the year to better serve the public, support downtown tourism efforts, and to make us more accessible to people interested in the society. 


We will initially  be open between September and December on Thursdays from 1:00-4:00.  Our intern, Melissa Schultz, has leftover hours from the summer and will be our primary docent; but the curator will also be there frequently. We hope to continue this schedule between late January to June. 


If there is enough volunteer interest, the curator would like to schedule another time for the museum to be open.  She will be bringing up this subject at the September meeting.  If you cannot come to the meeting but would like to volunteer for a possible rotating schedule (perhaps an afternoon every month or every other month) contact Carol Cartwright (473-6820) to volunteer.



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Gregory Torres

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Thanks for your memberships!!





                Meeting at Irvin Young Library

                6:45; Oak Grove Cemetery program



                Depot Museum is OPEN



                Next meeting of the Whitewater Historical Society