September 2008 Newsletter

 September, 2008                                                                  Volume 6      Issue 1      __________________________________________________________________________


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7:00 p.m.

Lakefront Community Building - Lakefront Park

Note the location

This will be a very special meeting not to be missed. 


SPEAKER:  Dr. Susan Johnson

UWW Associate Professor of Political Science

TOPIC:  “U.S. Presidential Elections From 1988-2004”


The 2008 presidential election is coming soon and a perspective on the past five elections is definitely of interest to all. 


Dr. Johnson has been at the UWW since 1997 and is currently chair of the Political Science Department. She teaches courses in American Political Parties and Elections, the American Presidency, and Women and American Politics. 


Her program for our meeting will be a look at the past five Presidential elections and the impact they have had on recent history. 



Prior to Dr. Johnson’s program, the Whitewater Historical Society will receive the 2007 Public Program Award from the Wisconsin Historical Society for our Oak Grove Cemetery Tour held on Memorial Day of 2007 and repeated on July 3, 2007 for the city’s Homecoming Festival. 


This is a prestigious award that recognizes the outstanding work of a local historical society in presenting a public program.  Alicia Goering of the Wisconsin Historical Society will be at our meeting to personally present this award. 


As we look toward our next cemetery program (coming soon to a cemetery near you), we can all bask in the “glory” of a job well done in our first attempt for a program on such a large scale. 


Short Business Meeting

After the program, the society will have a general business meeting.  We have one significant voting item. 


The Board of Directors approved a motion to recommend issuing a check to the City of Whitewater for our share of the roof project.  Gregg will give us the details at the meeting.  And, doesn't the roof look great!!


New Year—New Events

The Program Committee and the Board of Directors have planned an exciting new season for the Historical Society.  Here are the highlights.


  • Esterly Harvesting Company


Bo McCready is almost finished with the Esterly Company documentary (that we funded).  His book about the Esterly Company and the Whitewater economy of the 19th century will be released about the same time, so the historical society is planning a major “gala” premiere of the film where Bo will be offering his book for sale.  This will take place at the WW High School auditorium as our November meeting.  You don’t want to miss this. 


  • New Cemetery Tour

The OakGroveCemetery tour was very successful, so the Program Committee has already started planning a new tour for this Memorial Day.  This year, the tour will be at CalvaryCemetery, the Catholic burial ground.  It is unusual since it is the only cemetery fully enclosed within a university campus. 

St. Patrick’s Church has given their permission for the tour and it will be a fascinating look at another group of  historic Whitewater people.


  • Stone Stable Landscaping

Now that we have the go-ahead to interpret the stone stable, we are going to assist in the landscaping efforts.  One of these efforts will be an interpretive sign.  Since the building is not open as much as the depot, and it is a fascinating artifact in itself, a special sign will be erected stating the history of the building and how it got to where it sits today. 


Fall-Winter-Spring Hours at the Depot

So far, the Board and volunteer Curator have not committed to post-summer hours.  Last year, we had hours in the fall due to our student intern.  But, it is important for the society to have some hours at the depot for potential visitors during our winter months. 


Can You Help?  The curator will be asking for volunteers to keep the depot open for one afternoon a week.  It could be during the weekend when more visitors might be expected or during the week. 


Refreshment Committee

Arlene and John Newhouse have agreed to be the refreshment committee.  They will be asking for volunteers to handle refreshments for meetings, especially our November meeting when we hope to have a good crowd.  Please sign up when they ask you, or better yet—volunteer your name.


Depot Attendance for 2008

Our official numbers were:

            February 9: Freeze Fest:          52

            April 25: Stone Stable Fest:     33

            Summer:                                     327

            Taste of Whitewater:                 40


            Total Visitors:                         452


Thanks to all who helped at the museum!



W7646 Hackett Rd.

Whitewater, WI  53190


Dates to Remember

Wednesday, September 24, 7:00 p.m.



Wednesday, November 5


WhitewaterHigh School Auditorium


Officers of the Whitewater Historical Society

President:        Ellen Penwell (2008-2010)

VP:                     Kathleen Lashley (2007-2009)

Secretary:        Carol Cartwright (2008-2010)

Treasurer:       Gregg Gauger (2007-2009)

Board:              Linda Loomer (2008-2010)

                           Arlene Newhouse (2008-11)

                           John Newhouse (2006-2009)

                           Mariann Scott (2007-2009)               

                            Michele Smith (2007-2009)