January 2012 Newsletter

January, 2012  ­­                                                                                 Volume 9, No. 3


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7:00 p.m.

Place:  Cravath Lakefront Building

          Whitewater Street, Go Under the Arch and Left


PROGRAM:  See enclosed flyer

Marcia Carmichael, Old World Wisconsin Historical Gardener

“Gardening Insights from Wisconsin’s Early Settlers”


It's Membership Month


Along with the flyer about our meeting you will find our new membership and informational brochure.  The brochure contains a form to fill out for your 2012 membership donations along with a return envelope.  As indicated in last quarter’s newsletter, there are now several levels of membership, bringing us in line with other organizations of our type.  While the museum project has dragged out, we will be back in the depot for sure in 2012 and will need on-going support for displays and maintenance.  The society counts on our members to help defray these costs.  You all have been most generous in contributing in the past and for our renovation project.  Please consider continuing your support to the Whitewater Historical Society and its museum. 

If you are receiving this newsletter as a non-member, please consider supporting us as a member as well.




Depot Restoration Update


We continue to keep our fingers cross for a July 4th re-opening of the Depot Museum.  Whether we make that deadline or not is entirely dependent on how efficiently the Department of Transportation can process new bid documents.  The architect on the project expressed his frustration by saying “. . . you’d think they were scrutinizing plans for the Marquette Interchange instead of a small historic Depot building!”  The most recently revised proposal schedule has bids due on March 23rd.  It’s going to be a tight finish if we keep our sights on July 4th.  We’ll keep you posted. 


Whitewater Historical Society

Carol Cartwright

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