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Whitewater Historical Society 

2017 Annual Membership Meeting 

Cravath Lakefront Pavilion 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 

Pot Luck at 6:30PM; Meeting at 7:00PM 


  1. Call to Order  
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting 
  4. Introduction of 2016-2017 Board Members 
  5. Treasurer’s Report 
  6. Depot Museum Curator’s Report 
  7. Membership and Newsletter Report  
  8. Newsletter Report 
  9. Website Report 
  10. Review of 2016-2017 Activities 
  11. Presentation of Slate of Officers and Election 

Position                                   Current                                              Nominated Slate 

President (2-yr term)               Alan Marshall  (2016-2018)         Ellen Penwell (2017-2018) 

Vice President (2-yr term)      Jan Goder (2016-2017)                 Jan Goder (2017-2019) 

Treasurer (2-yr term)             Gregg Gauger(2015-2017)          Gregg Gauger (2017-2019) 

Secretary (2-yr term)               Linda Robinson (2016-2018)   

Director (3-yr term)                 Karen Weston (2015-2018) 

Director (3-yr term)                 Carol Cartwright (2014-2017)       Carol Cartwright (2017-2020) 

Director (3-yr term)                 Ellen Penwell (2016-2019)            Donna Henry (2017-2019

Director (2-yr term)                 Jerry Wendt (2016-2018)               

Director (2-yr term)                 Richard Landsee (2016-2017)        Richard Landsee (2017-2019) 

12.Looking Forward - Exhibits Report 

13.Looking Forward - Goals and Objectives for 2017-2018 

14. Adjourn Meeting 



 Remembering Alan Marshall

 Friend and President of the Whitewater Historical Society

On March 31, the Whitewater Historical Society lost a long-time member, friend, and the guidance of a dedicated President in the death of Alan Marshall.  Alan joined the Society board in January of 2010, stepping up, as was his way, to fill out the term of a departing board member.  He served as Vice President from 2011-2015 and was unanimously elected President in May of 2016. 

 Whether he held a board position or not, Alan was always a leader, quietly dedicated to issues that mattered to him.  As an avid collector of Whitewater memorabilia and other antiques, Alan created the Society’s popular “Whitewater Collects” program, now in its 6th year.  The event is a venue where everyone can showcase their private collections, share their passion for why they collect and the research that drives their finds, and have fun doing it.  It is sad to note that Alan passed away the evening before his signature event – the Society’s 2017 Whitewater Collects program on April 1.  A few years ago, Alan brought an invaluable collection of nineteenth-century Whitewater pottery to the museum’s attention and was instrumental in brokering the Society’s purchase of it. The collection consists of over 30 pieces of Whitewater redware made from the 1840s to the 1880s. It was truly an once-in-a-lifetime addition to our small local history holdings.  And just within the past year, while serving as Society President, Alan encouraged us to join the Jefferson County Consortium of Historical Societies and Museums because he valued opportunities for joint programming and shared promotion.  The first of such joint displays took place in the Hoard Museum on May 13.

It’s interesting to think why we collect things.  Material culture is like a touchstone, something we can physically see, touch, and use as a reference in understanding past times and memories.  Objects are indeed an important link to history, and collecting them involves having a respect for history and acknowledging that history matters.  Alan was a generous man with an open heart.  He thought a lot of things mattered: his family, his friends, his farm, his faith, his students, his city and its history.  He collected all of them into the community of Alan.  Alan was like that, and we miss him for it.



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The Depot Local History museum is located at 

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 Sixth Annual Whitewater Collects

A great time was had by all!


Whitewater Recollects: Car Culture 

A Great Success

We had an excellent turn-out for our second annual Whitewater Recollects event. This year, our discussion was car culture in Whitewater "back in the day." Our panelists were Donna Henry, Pat McCormick, Bruce Parker, and Dennis Stanton, who spoke about family car-related businesses and their own car-related hobbies. They also brought photos and other memorabilia that the audience enjoyed perusing. We had a lively discussion about old service stations, car dealerships, and car ownership in years past -- and present! 


Depot Museum New Temporary Exhibit:

Whitewater Stories

Come see our Temporary Gallery's new exhibit! Like all history, Whitewater's history is actually a series of stories – stories of the society,  events, and people living in the  Whitewater area over the passage of time. The permanent exhibit being developed in the Whitewater History Gallery will tell these stories. Our new temporary exhibit provides you a taste of the story-telling you will enjoy in our soon-to-be-completed Whitewater History Gallery. 


Halloween at the Depot


New Doors on Historic Stone Stable

 If you’ve passed by the Stone Stable on Whitewater Street recently, you may have noticed its new front door. Dale Carson, of Woodworks of LaGrange, recently replaced the plywood blank that filled the space after the former door was irreparably damaged last year with a period-appropriate, handmade double-door. Dale built the door in his workshop in LaGrange , working closely with Darold Rhinedollar, a blacksmith at Old World Wisconsin, who designed and fabricated the new wrought iron hinges and fastening hardware. The former single door on the stable was not original to the structure, and research revealed a double-door to be more consistent with the style of the building. The project was jointly funded by the Society and the City of Whitewater. The City of Whitewater owns the Stone Stable and leases it to the Society


Whitewater Recollects: Downtown

 A great time was had by all at the

Panel Discussion
on Sunday, April 24, 2016 at the Depot.
Our panel participants were Norwin Watson, Ruth Walton, Elmer McCulloch, and Marcie McCulloch. Our discussion of downtown Whitewater in the "good old days" ranged from the tear in the Strand Theater's movie screen to the great deals at the I.G.A. grocery store to Wednesday's "Silver Dollar Night." Our thanks to panel and audience alike!
Thank you, Whitewater!



was a great success! 

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